Vodka is a transparent spirit that is very popular in the world of cocktails. Today in Mix Mix we share you some interesting vodka facts.

Its light or null flavor and smell make it a blank canvas for inspiration.

The raw material of vodka is very varied since this distillate can be obtained from any source rich in starch. For example: Grey Goose is made from wheat, Belvedere from rye and Cîroc from French grapes. There are even vodkas that are made with figs or potatoes.

Vodka is a drink originated in the fifteenth century and conceived by Russian alchemists, who tried to separate alcohol completely from water. In this way they obtained a spirit that does not freeze easily at low temperatures.

The water freezes at 0 ° C while ethanol at -114 ° C.

Vodka facts: making process

To produce this spirit you must prepare the chosen raw material and ferment with yeasts. It is distilled at least 2 or 3 times (either in still or continuous distillation columns). The number of times it is distilled is indicative of the quality of the vodka, for example Smirnoff has three distillations, Belvedere four and Cîroc five.

Subsequently, any remaining impurity is filtered and water is added until it reaches around 40% alcohol content. The added water can come from lakes, aquifers or even glaciers.

It is tradition in countries like Russia, Finland, Poland and Sweden to drink it alone and accompany food. While in Western Europe and America it is more common to mix it.

Vodka is one of the spirits with less caloric content with only 36 kcal per ounce.

Whether it’s liquor, juice or fruit, vodka is excellent in all kinds of drinks and cocktails. Some of the most famous cocktails made with this neutral spirit are: cosmopolitan, screwdriver, dry martini, caipiroshka, bloody mary and sex on the beach.

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