Gracias a Dios – mezcal & agave gin

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Gracias a Dios is a line of Mexican spirits made from maguey. Their mezcales and gin pay tribute to the flavors of Mexico.

The maguey or agave is a unique plant.

There are approximately 250 species of maguey and 190 are endemic to Mexico. The wide variety of agaves that exist multiplies the possibilities of spirits that can be created. In the same way as grapes to wine, the variety of agave and its conditions of care, influence the final organoleptic properties of the spirit.

Mezcales Gracias a Dios

Gracias a Dios produce mezcal with espadin , cuixe, tepestate, tobala and mexican agave.

  • Young espadin. 8-year-old espadin agave with double distillation.
  • Rested espadin. 8-year-old espadin agave  with double distillation. Rested 4 months in American oak barrels.
  • The Mexican. Mexican wild 10-year-old maguey with double distillation.
  • Cuixe. 13-year-old wild cuixe maguey with double distillation.
  • Tepestate. 25 years old wild tepestate maguey with double distillation.
  • Tobala. 13 years old wild tobala agave with double distillation.
  • Gracias a Dios mezcal with mango. Espadin maguey infused in an artisanal way with Oaxacan mango and distilled twice.
  • Mezcal del cura. Distilled twice and made in an artisanal way with the secret recipe of the priest of Matatlan.
  • Turkey breast mezcal. Espadin maguey distilled by hand with local fruits such as bananas, apples, raisins, walnuts and turkey breast with double distillation.
  • Mezcal distilled in clay pot. Espadin maguey with double distillation.

Gracias a Dios Agave Gin

Gin is a very versatile spirit, since it does not have a designation of origin, it can be manufactured anywhere in the world. In addition, the variety of raw materials with which the base alcohol can be made and the botanicals with which they can be flavored opens the doors to the innovation of this distillate.

Gracias a Dios gin is made with a base alcohol obtained from distilled espadin maguey three times. It is flavored with 32 botanics representing the 32 states of Mexico.

  • Juniper
  • Orange peel
  • Tangerine
  • Lemon
  • Mullein
  • Passion fruit
  • King of Lima
  • Ginger
  • Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Lime
  • Lemongrass
  • Guarana
  • Eucalyptus
  • Gingseng
  • Cinnamon
  • Almonds
  • Flower of lime
  • Orange blossom
  • Purple
  • Melissa
  • Yerba mate
  • Nut
  • Bugambilias
  • Mint
  • Cardamom
  • Anise
  • Cocoa
  • Coriander seeds
  • Mexican vanilla
  • San Luis damiana
  • Dry tejocote

Elaboration process Thank God

All the spirits of the distilling house Gracias a Dios are produced in their own palenque in Santiago Mazatlan, Oaxaca. The master distiller Oscar Hernandez Santiago and his team are in charge of jiming, grinding, cooking, fermenting, distilling, aromatizing and resting the spirits.

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